The many benefits of experiencing the great outdoors

There’s a plethora of benefits to going out and immersing oneself in nature. Studies have shown, for example, that hiking in the woods or going up mountain trails significantly boosts one’s mental health and improves blood pressure. Experiencing the great outdoors likewise reduces stress and takes away our worries, says outdoors enthusiast Mack Prioleau. Instead of just leading sedentary lives… Read more →

Top places for surfing in Southeast Asia

Every surfer wants no less than breathtaking scenery to complement incredible surf, and few places can provide both luxuries outside the surfing waters of Southeast Asia. In this blog, surfer and travel enthusiast Mack Prioleau lists some of the finest places for beginning and expert surfing in this part of the world. Cloud 9, Siargao Island, The Philippines Though Siargao… Read more →

Mack Prioleau Eyes Prince Edward Island, Belize for Fishing

  You probably do most of your fishing in your own backyard. Although fishing can be soothing and thrilling no matter where you do it, there’s nothing like reeling in a big one while on vacation, especially in one of the northern hemisphere’s most captivating saltwater fishing spots. Avid fisherman Mack Prioleau can’t say enough about two areas in particular:… Read more →

Why Mack Prioleau Wants to go to Portugal

Portugal If you’re still planning to travel this year and you’re looking for a destination that’s not on everyone else’s lists, choose Portugal. Travel guru Mack Prioleau enjoys the fact that this country stretches for nearly 500 miles along the Atlantic Ocean coast and offers beautiful views of the magnificent River Tagus. Here are a few fun things to do… Read more →