2020 Must-See Travel Destinations

To preface this article, during the time of publication, now is the best time to stay home. Check your local news on when travel is once again encouraged. While there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that cause people to delay traveling, warmer weather often clears the way. It encourages those travelers who can take advantage of opportunities and much-needed vacations before… Read more →

How To Survive Long Flights

For most people, air travel is just a mild inconvenience. However, when a plane ride stretches out for long periods, it can become genuinely excruciating. According to expert travelers, here are some tips for making long flights as comfortable as possible.   Pack Plenty of Entertainment Relying on boring, strangely edited in-flight movies shown on a tiny, fuzzy screen is… Read more →

Valuable advice that could save travelers hundreds of dollars on a trip

It’s unfortunate how so many people miss out on traveling merely because they think it’s too expensive. However, Mack Prioleau knows from his many experiences that traveling need not break the bank. In fact, there are many ways for people to save up to hundreds of dollars on a trip. Mack Prioleau shares his best advice. Travel light. Traveling light… Read more →

Traveling 101: Important reminders for families about to go on an adventure

While Mack Prioleau recommends traveling to strange and exotic lands to everyone, he also advises people to be prepared before the trip. Going on an adventure may be great, and all but diving into it unprepared may have regrettable consequences. Mack Prioleau notes that this goes double for parents who are bringing along their kids on a trip. As such,… Read more →

The four best cities in the world for people who love beautiful architecture

During his travels, Mack Prioleau has noticed that not everyone will enjoy every destination they visit. Places appeal to certain people due to several factors. Conversely, there are also a number of things influencing how a person appreciates a place – such as personality and passion. On this blog, Mack Prioleau shares the four greatest cities he’s visited that he’s… Read more →

The many benefits of experiencing the great outdoors

There’s a plethora of benefits to going out and immersing oneself in nature. Studies have shown, for example, that hiking in the woods or going up mountain trails significantly boosts one’s mental health and improves blood pressure. Experiencing the great outdoors likewise reduces stress and takes away our worries, says outdoors enthusiast Mack Prioleau. Instead of just leading sedentary lives… Read more →