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What You Need To Know About Google’s Awesome New Travel Planner

Google is making it easier to book the trip of your dreams, under budget. The company has recently launched a mobile-only search tool called Destinations on Google. Think of it as a digitized travel agent, providing fast, comprehensive, and intuitive travel suggestions. Google’s new travel tool will help you narrow down where to travel, help you build a travel itinerary,… Read more →

Four Travel Destinations For The Adventure-Seeker

While many people would agree that travelling is enjoyable, we all travel for different reasons. Some people travel for a nice family trip, some travel for a romantic getaway, some travel for relaxation. Then, there is another category of traveller: the person who seeks adventure. Adventure is located at every twist and turn, but there are definitely some areas that… Read more →

Travel Destinations: Rome

As legend has it, Rome, Italy, was founded by the twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, in 700 B.C. The former Caput Mundi, or Capital of the World, sits beneath Palatine Hill, where the ruins of its original incarnation are open for exploration. No trip to Rome is complete without checking out the remains of the Temple of Saturn and Arch… Read more →

The Best Cities To Visit In Italy

Located in Southern Europe, Italy is one of the world’s most popular destinations in the world. The boot-shaped country offers a number of diverse cities that all offer a unique cultural experience. I recently came across this article, which reminded me of my experience in Italy and inspired me to make a list of my own. From the art treasures… Read more →

The Top Travel Destinations For 2016

It is officially 2016, making it the perfect time to start planning your bucket list for the year ahead. Each year brings new opportunities for adventure and travel. In order to help you get some inspiration, here is a list of some of the best that you need to see. 1) Yosemite/National Parks This year marks the 100th anniversary of… Read more →

The Biggest Travel Trends Of 2015

CNN recently published this interesting article, which outlines some of the biggest travel trends throughout this past year. Over the past 12 months, there have been some major shifts within the travel and tourism industry. Here are some of the biggest changes that we saw in 2015: Revenue-based Frequent Flyer Programs For years, airlines granted frequent flyer mile rewards based… Read more →

Must-See Restaurants In Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is home to some amazing restaurants and is well-known for its gastronomy. Throughout my time in South Africa, I had the opportunity to experience a wide-range of delectable dishes at some extraordinary restaurants. If you find yourself in Cape Town, here are four restaurants that you need to check out.   1) Bombay Bicycle Club Bombay Bicycle Club… Read more →

10 Vital International Travel Tips

Traveling to a new country can be both energizing and eye-opening, as it affords you the opportunity to experience a different way of life. But a different way of life can also bring about  a great deal of confusion. That is why it is important to prepare yourself before traveling anywhere for the first time. Here are some great tips to… Read more →