Mack Prioleau Eyes Prince Edward Island, Belize for Fishing


You probably do most of your fishing in your own backyard. Although fishing can be soothing and thrilling no matter where you do it, there’s nothing like reeling in a big one while on vacation, especially in one of the northern hemisphere’s most captivating saltwater fishing spots. Avid fisherman Mack Prioleau can’t say enough about two areas in particular: Prince Edward Island and Belize.

Prince Edward Island

Can you imagine catching a 1,496-pound tuna? One person didn’t have to imagine it: This person achieved this firsthand back in 1979 and continues to receive recognition for this world record. Several others have brought in 1,000 pounders during the past several years. On Prince Edward Island, you’ll do most of your fishing close to land/port, usually less than a mile out, between August and mid-October.

In addition, the majority of fishing boats feature fighting chairs. Of course, if you prefer to stand up for the battle of your lifetime, then nothing will stop you from doing that, either. Using kites, you’ll fish with live, whole or chunked bait fish and enjoy an unprecedented high-adrenaline fishing experience.


Looking for a change of pace in your saltwater fishing experience? Look no further than Belize. There’s a good chance you’ll bring in a trophy-size catch, ranging from a tarpon to a bonefish or permit. What’s so great about Belize is that the country vigorously guards its pristine flats, so you’ll no doubt enjoy the cream of the crop of fishing adventures.

Plus, Belize is the only Central American country featuring English as the primary language. And the best part? You can visit Belize for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing expedition year-round. Many of the country’s lodges and resorts cater to anglers, so you’ll easily receive the support and access to resources you need to make the most of your fishing vacation.