Ancient Ruins Around the World

Ancient ruins are popular places where you get to step back into time imagining what life was like centuries ago. There are thousands of neat places to visit to see ancient ruins, but here are some of the lesser-known “secret ones.” Check out some of the best places to visit these ruins in the world.


Heart of Neolithic Orkney, Scotland


Scotland’s Orkney Islands take you back 5,000 years. The Stones of Skara Brae, Stenness, Brodgar, and Maeshowe are just some of the amazing monuments you’ll see on the largest island called Mainland. These are very well-preserved and these stones are older than Stonehenge. Maeshow has a chambered mound tomb with Viking graffiti while Brodgar has a large stone with 27 of the original megaliths.


Abu Simbel, Egypt


Abu Simbel is a site full of personality. Ramses II and his wife, Nefertari are depicted in almost every area of this. They are carved into the sandstone walls. Amazing hieroglyphics cover the columns and walls as well. Twice a year, the sun’s rays illuminate the interior of these pyramids dedicated to the sun gods.


Derinkuyu Underground City, Turkey


Derinkuyu is one of two subterranean cities to visit in the Göreme National Park. Its original city had about 20,000 people living on many different levels. The city went down 18 stories with ventilation shafts throughout. People were able to take shelter here during sieges with the many stone wheel doors and miles of tunnels.


Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado


Nearly 900 years ago the Pueblo Indians lived in the cliff dwellings of Colorado. You can get a tour of the Cliff Palace with 23 kivas and 150 rooms. The Long House even has fun ladders to climb while touring. At an altitude of over 8500 feet, hundreds of cliff dwellings make a really neat touring experience.


Olympia, Greece


Olympia lost many of its most unique ruins over the years due to the Romans and earthquakes. You can still see columns standing at the gymnasium and many other little structures that have stood for centuries. This was the place that started the Olympic games in 776 BC. You can celebrate the gods and imagine you were competing in the Olympic games as you walk through the ruins.