Arrived In South Africa

I am currently traveling abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. As someone that loves adventure and exploring the outdoors, there was no question that Cape Town was the city I wanted to spend his fall semester of school. The city offers amazing hikes, outdoor activities, and unique culture which makes this destination unlike any other place I have been able to visit. Only a few weeks into my trip, I have wasted no time soaking in much of what Cape Town, South Africa has to offer.

During the first week, I was able to attend a rugby game to watch the Springboks take on the World XV. While American football will always be my sport of choice, the rugby game was a great opportunity to witness the sport of choice for many of Cape Town’s locals. The game was incredibly fun and was definitely an opportunity you do not want to pass up when visiting Cape Town.

When it came time to eat and taste the local fare, my friends and I went to a place called Mzoli’s Meat. The butchery was located in a township, called Gugulethu, about 30 minutes away from where they are staying. My friends and I bought a ton of meat, including beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. The open-air restaurant barbecues the meat for you, or as they call it braai. All during this there is loud music playing from local bands making the restaurant into a party atmosphere.

When it came time to hit the outdoors and explore, my buddies and I went for a hike up Lion’s Head. Lion’s Head is one of the three main peaks here in Cape Town, along with Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak. They had a ton of fun while making the gorgeous hike. It took the group about an hour and a half to summit the mountain. Half of the group walked on a normal trail uphill while the other half had more climbing incorporated. Regardless of the route, the views from the top are quite spectacular. On one side you can see the city and Table Mountain, and the other side is the ocean, beaches and more mountains. Once we got to the top, the group soaked it all in for about an hour before making the long trek down.

Check out some of the photos from the adventures below and stay tuned for more updates from the trip!