Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Lake Myvatn Geo-Thermal Area 




I was actually thinking about not even writing a description for this as the photo really says all you need to know. This looks like something Ridley Scott would use as a location for one of his Sci-Fi movies. The backstory would would definitely fit one of his stories as it was caused roughly 2300 years ago from a catastrophic volcanic eruption. If the beauty of it was not enough, it is actually home to a lot of different bird life so all of the ornithologist out there this has to be a must see. For adventurers looking for some good photo opportunities there are plenty of amazing unusual and unique lava formations that give this location its “mythical” and “alien” feel to it. The local legend behind this location is amazing… I will let the Guide to Iceland explain it “according to legend, Satan himself landed after being cast from the heavens, only to be outlawed by the local light-elves who then turned his “Catacombs of Hell” into their capital city.” If you were not sold after light elves then I honestly do not know what else to say.


Skaftafell Park 




With its enormous height, measuring at 4800 square kilometers, Skaftafell is epic. It is also home to some of the strangest and absolutely surreal landscapes on the planet. This is due to the constant due of fire and water which causes its absolutely beautiful landscape. Some of the things you can expect to see their are wood forest surrounded by desert sands and glacial rivers. For the hiking enthusiast this location provides some of the most beautiful trails you could possibly imagine. This location has provided the scene for a whole bunch of Hollywood films. James Bond Die Another day, Prometheus and Interstellar have all set up shot in Iceland at one point.