Boulder’s Beach

Boulders Beach Mack Prioleau

Boulder’s Beach is a small beach located in the Cape Peninsula near Simon’s Town. The name originated from the giant granite boulders that line the beach. Boulder Beach is part of the Table Mountain National Park and is home to a colony of African penguins, which settled on the beach in 1982. Beginning with two breeding pairs, the colony has since grown to over 2,000 birds.

The African penguin is also commonly referred to as the jackass penguin, in reference to its donkey-like bray. These penguins also have a distinctive pink patch of skin above the eyes and a black facial mask. The pink glad above their eyes helps the African penguin cope with the changing temperatures in southern Africa.

The penguins at Boulder’s Beach attract many visitors as it is a great opportunity to witness these animals in their natural environment. The best place to get a look at the penguins is from Foxy Beach, where a boardwalk took us within a few meters of the birds. It is amazing how the penguins at this beach allow people to approach so closely.

These endangered animals are apart of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area. The area is patrolled by park rangers, which helps keep both the visitors and the birds safe.