Five places travelers should visit in Tokyo

Mack Prioleau is passionate about travel. He is an adventurer at heart and relishes experiencing new things and being exposed to new cultures. In this blog, he shares his thoughts about one of the greatest cities in the world – Tokyo, and lists down the five places every traveler should visit.


A huge area that would take tourists almost a day to fully explore, Odaiba has it all. There are a few shopping malls, a picturesque bayside area, a Toyota exhibition center, a gargantuan Ferris wheel, a colorful garden, a Gundam robot, and many other attractions. There are also great places to eat at an affordable price. And with good weather, Odaiba is paradise for people who simply love to walk around.


One of the most popular places to Japanese and visitors alike, Akihabara is often touted as the center of otaku culture. This means that Japanese pop culture in the form of anime and gaming is highly concentrated in Akihabara. There are a number of duty-free stores that make the area perfect for purchasing souvenirs, and a line of second-hand tech stores that sell electronic devices at heavenly prices.

Tsukiji Market

One of the most famous sections in all of Tokyo is the famed Tsukiji Fish Market or Tsukiji Market. Here, visitors can find some of the most mouth-watering, eye-opening, and jaw-dropping seafood in town, mostly uncooked, of course.


The site of “Old Tokyo,” Asakusa houses the shrine where past shoguns once walked with their samurai. There is a deep and fascinating history in this area and a top must-see place for tourists. A few kilometers walk would get people to the famed Tokyo Skytree, Mack Prioleau adds.


Perhaps no other place in Tokyo screams modern Japanese culture as much as Harajuku. This area, Mack Prioleau explains, is near the commercial district of Omotesando. Harajuku is a legendary collection of streets and cross-streets where stores sell most of modern Japanese fashion.

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