Four Travel Destinations For The Adventure-Seeker

While many people would agree that travelling is enjoyable, we all travel for different reasons. Some people travel for a nice family trip, some travel for a romantic getaway, some travel for relaxation. Then, there is another category of traveller: the person who seeks adventure. Adventure is located at every twist and turn, but there are definitely some areas that are more prone to adventure than others. Here are the best travel destinations for the adventurous traveller:

1) Cinque Terre, Italy

This beautiful national park is home to a number of steep natural slopes. These slopes have been transformed into beautiful fertile terraces. These terraces serve as the locale for the cultivation of wine. When you visit Cinque Terre, you get the opportunity to take in breathtaking views of the Mediterranean while walking along a network of paths with dry stone walls. If you take a hike alongside the cliffside trail, you can explore the 5 different coastal villages through which the trail passes.

2) Grand Canyon, Arizona

This one may seem obvious, but the Grand Canyon is a must-visit that will truly leave all visitors in awe. This chasm cuts 5,000 feet into the Earth’s crust, and was naturally carved by the incredible Colorado River. At more than a mile deep, up to 8 miles wide and 277 miles long, the Grand Canyon is truly a testament to the incredible beauty and power of nature. The Grand Canyon is nothing short of spellbinding.

3) Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland is home to the world’s biggest geothermal pool, which offers a rejuvenating experience for anyone who experiences it. The saltwater in the lagoon gets completely renewed every 40 hours and remains around 100 degrees. Despite the country’s name, Iceland has one of the most incredible places in the world to have a hot bath. The Lagoon is also believed to be helpful in treating several skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. Who needs a spa when nature provides the spa for you?

4) Slovenia

While many people do not think of Slovenia as a top travel destination, it is actually a great epicenter for adventure. Slovenia provides a great landscape for cycling, hiking, and watersports. One must-try activity is whitewater rafting down the Soca River. Furthermore, Slovenia is a wonderful place to marvel at the beauty of nature. The country sits atop about 8,000 caves, and visitors who hire a guide will be able to explore the incredible formations on foot or, for the even more adventurous, by bike. If you want to immerse yourself into the culture, you can observe the architecture, including some old churches that are located all throughout Slovenia’s countryside. You could even stay overnight on a farm, or if that’s not your thing, stay in a hotel or on a campground.

In all corners of the world, one can find proof that nature is a catalyst for adventure. If you want to get out of your typical routine, travel to one of these locations and prepare to get way out of comfort zone and have unforgettable experiences.