How To Survive Long Flights

For most people, air travel is just a mild inconvenience. However, when a plane ride stretches out for long periods, it can become genuinely excruciating. According to expert travelers, here are some tips for making long flights as comfortable as possible.


Pack Plenty of Entertainment

Relying on boring, strangely edited in-flight movies shown on a tiny, fuzzy screen is never a good idea. Instead, think about what you enjoy doing and pack accordingly. For some people, this may simply be a good book. Others may want to download a few television shows, bring a handheld gaming console, or find a few sudoku books to stick in their carry on.


Wear the Right Clothes

On a long flight, go for comfortable clothes with a lot of layers. Some good options include soft leggings or sweatpants, a light tee shirt, and a cozy sweater. Doctors recommend compression socks, which can keep blood from pooling and causing blood clots in long flights. Another good option is a pair of fuzzy socks with some slip-on sandals. Though it looks ugly, it makes it easy to be comfortable.


Bring An Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

To survive any long flight, you need to get as much sleep as possible. However, the eye masks and earplugs provided by planes are often useless. Instead, invest in some high-quality wax or moldable earplugs and a lightweight, breathable eye mask.


Use Your Usual Toiletries

A lot of the grimy, groggy feeling people get on long-term flights is simply due to sitting for hours without following their usual schedule. Taking the time to brush teeth before bed, apply a little moisturizer, or wash a face can help make a person feel a little more like they are following their usual schedule, so they can get to sleep more easily.


Pack Snacks and Drinks

Everything gets so much worse when a traveler is thirsty and hungry but cannot get the attention of a flight attendant. Bringing drinks and food onboard can make the flight a lot easier. Just avoid excessively salty, caffeinated, or alcoholic options because these may make you more uncomfortable and dehydrated.