Mack Prioleau on 2 Travel Books for Exploring the US

Mack Prioleau on 2 Must-have Travel Books for Discovering America

Hi, all! Mack Prioleau here. In one of my posts, I mentioned that this year, I vow to explore more of the United States. I’ve been to various places around the world, each one offering me new experiences, but I must admit that I haven’t really taken the time to explore all the wonders of the country. I plan to change that!

But first, I need a little help as I don’t have a lot of information regarding all the amazing places in the country—or what others would call a “must-see.” So my first order of the day is to get travel books that can help me better navigate the country. And below are the top two that always come up in my searches.

1. 1,000 Places To See In The United States And Canada Before You Die by Patricia Schultz. This book made it to the New York Times’ bestseller list, and even made it to the top spot. The book is highly informative and will provide you with all the details that you need for a smooth trip. The book includes phone numbers and websites to check out that can help you with your travel plans. There are also sections that mention which ones are family-friendly and which ones are great for outdoor adventures. I may not be able to go to all one thousand of them, but I’m going to try to go to the best ones during my lifetime!

2. American Road Trip: Color Your Way to Calm from Coast to Coast by Brian Sharkey Vaught and Michelle Sharkey Vaught. Going on at least one road trip in your lifetime is a must in my opinion. There’s so much to discover on road trips, whether you do it alone or with a friend. This book takes road trips to the next level because other than mapping out routes that can help you make the most of your road trip, the book is a coloring book as well! Color the cities and towns as you visit them. This road trip will surely be anything but boring!

Have you been on a road trip? How was your experience? Please do share! I’d love to hear all about it and I’m sure the readers will also enjoy reading your road trip adventures!

This is Mack Prioleau signing off for now.