Mack Prioleau shares why Mexico should be in your bucket list

Mack Prioleau on the Great Mexican Adventure

For Mack Prioleau, traveling affords him the privilege of learning about different cultures, and discovering the uniqueness of each country’s people and history. In this post, he shares why Mexico is on his bucket list and why it should be on yours, too.

My family loves to travel to different countries all over the world, and it is during these trips that I grew to appreciate the beauty of each culture. I also learned to appreciate the privilege given me to discover different cultures at such a young age. I found that truly immersing yourself in a country’s culture, you gain a deeper understanding of how we are all connected to one another regardless of race, background, and location.

Hi, friends. This is Mack Prioleau. Today, let me share with you the things I’d like to do and places I would love to see in Mexico. Join me as we go on a virtual adventure in Mexico.

The Ancient Wonders of Mexico

The Mexico of old is enveloped in mysticism and mystery, and if I had only one purpose for visiting this country, it is to discover ancient Mexico; long before modern civilization discovered it. The Mayan civilization, whose disappearance is shrouded in mystery up to this day, is said to have settled in Mexico—in Tabasco and Chiapas, to be more specific.

A people whose agricultural, mathematical, and architectural talents arguably surpassed any other civilization, the Mayans left behind traces of their existence—symbols of their superior wisdom and mysticism. And it is these relics of Mexico’s ancient past that I wish to unveil when I finally get the chance to visit.

My first stop would be Palenque, Chiapas. Located in the northeastern parts of the state of Chiapas, Palenque is home to one of the most important archeological sites in the world linked to the Mayan civilization.

At the Palenque archeological site, you will be greeted by the towering Temple of Inscriptions pyramid, one of the largest step pyramids attributed to the Mayan Mesoamerica people. The hieroglyphics on this pyramid have been studied (and is still being studied) by archeologists and historians from all over the world in an attempt to better understand this truly unique and wise people.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987, UNESCO describes the Palenque ruins as “an incomparable achievement of Mayan art.” I would therefore highly recommend that you put a trip to Palenque in Chiapas on top of your list when you visit Mexico.

The site is also surrounded by the beauty of nature. The pyramid lies on the first rise of the Tumbala mountains; and overlooks the Usumacinta River flood plain. From amazing landscapes to bas relief sculptures, and crypts inside the pyramid (the only ones in Mexico), there is so much to explore in Palenque, Chiapas.

We will continue with our Mexican adventure in my next posts, so please watch out for those. In the meantime, I hope you take the time to read the rest of my blog page to learn more about the places I’ve been to as well as those that I wish to visit someday.

This is Mack Prioleau, signing off for now.