Mack Prioleau | Travel | Top 5 Things to Do in Budapest



For Mack to achieve all his traveling goals, he knows he’s got a lot of saving up to do as well if he wishes to visit all the places listed in his bucket list, so traveling the world might take a little while to accomplish. One of the places he wishes to see is Budapest.

As the capital city of Hungary, Budapest is a thriving economic and cultural center. Budapest is an amalgamation of two cities: Buda (west of the Danube River) and Pest (east of the Danube). In 1987, it was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. While Mack Prioleau himself hasn’t been to the city, his parents have gone to visit the place several times, and from what he’s heard about the city, an exciting adventure awaits him when he finally does get the chance to go.

Here are the top five things that Mack Prioleau looks forward to upon his visit:

1. The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace sits on Castle Hill. It has been razed to the ground and rebuilt several times. Today, the palace houses the Castle Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery, and the National Széchenyi Library.

Exploring the palace grounds, you will come across the Lions’ Courtyard, Hunyadi Garden, and Savoyai Terrace. Entrance to the palace is free, but museums may charge an entry fee.

2. House of Terror

The structure was used by the Nazis and the police as headquarters during the Nazi and communist regimes in Hungary. It includes a basement where prisons were built. These were where people were jailed, tortured and starved to death during the fascist-communist era of Hungary. Mack Prioleau notes that the place may have a gloomy/depressing feel to it, but a visit is an eye-opener to the atrocities that people were subjected to during and after WWII.

3. Cruising the Danube

A visit to Budapest wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the Danube. There are regular boat trips available for day or night cruises, but the ultimate experience would be a full-service cruise! This means enjoying good food on the boat, watching a live show, and sipping cocktails on the deck as you enjoy views of the city from the Danube.

4. Thermal Baths

Another non-negotiable experience you shouldn’t miss when in Budapest is a relaxing bath in one of the city’s famous thermal baths and spas. Budapest is known for its natural thermal baths, most of which were constructed during the Turks’ occupation. Depending on where you go, you can experience the more modern, reconstructed/renovated baths or you can go to one of the ruins where you can admire mosaics and paintings as you relax in a soothing thermal bath.

5. Local Cuisine

When Mack Prioleau travels to a foreign country, one of the first things that he does is to head out to the less-crowded streets of the city he is visiting to search for small eateries or diners. He knows you can find the good stuff at these places—genuine local dishes without all the fancy trimmings. In Budapest, goulash is, of course, the first dish you should try. It’s basically a meat-based soup with potatoes and spices.