Mack Prioleau: What Street Food to Eat in Hong Kong

Mack Prioleau: Top 7 Street Foods to Try in Hong Kong

Who says traveling is just about seeing the great outdoors? For Mack Prioleau, there’s a lot of fun to be had indoors as well, precisely in that tiny hole-in-the-wall that locals only know about. There’s no shortage of such hole-in-the-wall gems at an urban center like Hong Kong, a paradise for many foodies and chefs. Here are some of the most delicious and intriguing street food that gets Mack Prioleau excited and which might interest you too:

1. Egg tarts – First on the list for Mack Prioleau is egg tarts. While many think of these as a type of dessert, these are part of Cantonese dim sum. These egg tarts are so good you can easily lose track of how many you’ve already eaten. With a flaky crust and rich inner egg custard, any tourist would want to bring home a box or two of these.

2. Siu mai – These aren’t your ordinary dry and stale siu mai served by that dingy Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood. Though they may be casually and commonly sold on the street, Hong Kong siu mai has a generous filling of either pork or fish. Served in a stick, Mack Prioleau is confident this is another street food classic that will keep you coming back.

3. Tofu – Anyone up for stinky tofu? Despite the name, there’s nothing dreadful at all about this deep-fried snack. It’s why it’s hailed as the king of street food in Hong Kong! Stinky tofu is tofu that’s fried to a beautiful golden crisp. The inside, however, is soft and creamy, with that distinct taste of brine.

4. Cheung fun – Cheung fun are cylinder-shaped rice noodles stuffed with just about anything you can think of. The locals have tried it with meat, vegetables, and seafood. It’s a staple in dim sum carts, but along the streets of Hong Kong, these are served in a simple Styrofoam cup.

5. Squid tentacles – Foodies rave about these all the time, and they promise they’re not as weird-tasting as they look. Mack Prioleau finds there’s something about eating unusual ingredients that are unique to Asia, and he figures grilled tentacles, whether squid or octopus, is as exotic as it’s going to get. Deep fried and coated with your choice of honey, teriyaki, or chili sauce, grilled tentacles its street food that you must try at least once.

6. Curry fish balls – Mack Prioleau thinks this is Hong Kong’s answer to Japan’s takoyaki, but these fish balls doused in curry betray their looks! They look plain and unassuming, but one serving (that’s a Styrofoam cup with a dozen pieces) is very filling and satisfying. These fish balls are made from—you guessed it—fish meat. If you don’t like fish, still, give these balls a try, they’re cheap and tasty in the best way.

7. Pineapple buns – Do you find it strange that Hong Kong locals would put pineapple in their pastry, like a Hawaiian delight? Despite their name, Mack Prioleau shares that these buns don’t have any pineapple in them. They take their name from their shape, with its pineapple pattern on top of the bun.

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