Mack Prioleau’s 5 Essential Things to Always Have When Traveling

Mack Prioleau on 5 Things He Always Carries When Traveling on a Holiday

Every time I travel, I always bring a few essential items to make sure that I’m ready for any situation—well, almost any situation. Hi, friends! It’s Mack Prioleau and I am here to once again share with you a few of my travel tips. This time, I’d like to share with you things that I always carry with me whenever I step out of the hotel or my current holiday accommodations to explore the sights and attractions of the city I’m visiting.

1.Scarf. Yes, believe it or not, I always carry a scarf. A scarf is a versatile accessory that can protect you from the heat of the sun, give you a little cover when the air gets a little colder, when the weather turns a bit too breezy, or it can serve as a towel. When you’re on a bus or public transportation, it can serve as your makeshift pillow, eye cover, or even a carry-on (yes, I’ve turned my scarf into a tote bag of sorts on more than one occasion.

2. Ear plugs. You’ll never know when you need to drown out the noise around you so it’s always best to have your ear plugs ready whenever a situation calls for it. These will especially prove to be useful if you’re taking public transportation and there are kids and babies on board with you. No offense, but sometimes, you just want peace and quiet after a tiring walk around the sights or exploration.

3. Sustenance. When you’re in a foreign country and you’re not very familiar with the local food yet, it will help if you have crackers, an energy bar or candies in your backpack (or bag). This way, if you start to feel a little hungry and your hotel (or accommodations) isn’t within your vicinity, having something to nibble on will definitely save the day.

4. Water. This may be part of no. 3 but I decided to give it its own space to emphasize the importance of having water with you at all times. Even if you forego the snacks, water shouldn’t be left out. visiting the sights can make you feel thirsty at some point and having water on hand will not only save you the trouble of looking for a store or diner to get water, but it will also give you immediate relief from your thirst. The last thing you need during your holiday is to be dehydrated!

5. Sunscreen. What can I say? You need sun protection at all times! Protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun so you can enjoy your explorations without trouble. If you’re prone to getting sunburned pretty quickly, sunscreen will be your life saver.

These are but a few essentials that I always throw in my bag before heading out. Depending on what I plan to do for the day, sometimes I’d pack a good book too or a music player. If I’d simply like to spend the day at the park observing people, and goings-on around me, it helps to have a book handy in case the scene gets monotonous.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Please come back soon for more! This is Mack Prioleau and I hope to see you here again soon.