Fishing: You can have fun but always fish safely

Safety is undeniably the most important factor in any outdoor hobby. While still experiencing the thrill of going on an adventure in the natural world, one should never forget to check if safety measures are in place.

Mack Prioleau has found fishing to be one of his greatest passions, and while he believes everyone can and should have fun doing it, everyone should also always fish safely. Even the calmest and most relaxing angling sessions have their own risks, Prioleau explains, and people have to be vigilant and well-prepared.

On that note, here are three important safety reminders, courtesy of Mack Prioleau.

Always practice caution when handling tackles.

This is a basic, but an ever-so-important reminder, which a lot of anglers, even the most experienced ones forget from time to time. While fishing can be relaxing, it might be too relaxing. When complacency sets in, important steps are sometimes forgotten.

For angling, ensuring that hooks when cast, don’t catch a power line or tree branch or worse, a person is important. Also, it’s common sense to use a hook remover instead of putting your fingers deep in a fish’s mouth to remove the hook.

Clothing is part of the safety gear.

Never go barefoot when fishing. It doesn’t matter where your footing is, some stray hooks lying on the floor or under the water may be hard to catch with the naked eye, as well as small glass shards, or sharp rocks.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended especially if anglers will spending an entire afternoon fishing.

Learn how to boat.

Once an angler transitions from wading to using a boat, basic boating knowledge is required. Using a boat means anglers will have access to fish that swim in deeper waters.

Basic boating translates to paddling and swimming and using first-aid kits.

Mack Prioleau is finishing his major in Economics at Vanderbilt University. He briefly lived in Cape Town, where he spent a fall semester of school to study abroad. For more articles about travels and outdoor activities, subscribe to this blog.

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