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The Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill

The Old Biscuit Mill is an outdoor market in Woodstock, a neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa. The Neighbourgoods Market, which is located within an old sky-lit brick warehouse and courtyard, happens every Saturday in the industrial neighbourhood of Woodstock, Cape Town. The vibrant little village attracts over 100 specialty traders and visitors gather to share, collaborate, and sell anything… Read more →

6 Places Every Hiking Enthusiast Should Explore

There are thousands of miles of hiking trails throughout the United States, spanning diverse and unique landscapes. With so many trails to explore, it is hard to make a definitive list of the best places to hike. However, there are a number of great hikes that you should definitely make a point of taking on. Here are 6 hikes in… Read more →

Best Surfing Locations In The World (Part 2)

Surfing is an ancient pastime, originating among Polynesian islanders and first recorded by Europeans in the 18th century. It is sport and hobby enjoyed by many all around the world. Last week we discussed some of the greatest surfing locations in the world. While those locations are all undoubtably amazing, there are many more locations that deserve to join the… Read more →

Best Surfing Locations In The World

Looking for the perfect combination of wind, swell, direction, and tide, surfers have traveled the world to find the best locations to ride. These conditions can make or break your surf session, so it is good to know where you can find the ultimate surf spots. Each location presents a unique challenge and type of ride, which makes it fun… Read more →

Arrived In South Africa

I am currently traveling abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. As someone that loves adventure and exploring the outdoors, there was no question that Cape Town was the city I wanted to spend his fall semester of school. The city offers amazing hikes, outdoor activities, and unique culture which makes this destination unlike any other place I have been able to visit. Only a… Read more →