The four best cities in the world for people who love beautiful architecture

During his travels, Mack Prioleau has noticed that not everyone will enjoy every destination they visit. Places appeal to certain people due to several factors. Conversely, there are also a number of things influencing how a person appreciates a place – such as personality and passion.

On this blog, Mack Prioleau shares the four greatest cities he’s visited that he’s more than sure would be appreciated by people who are into great architecture.


Mack Prioleau fittingly starts with Rome. Fittingly called the Eternal City, Rome has preserved some of the most popular structures in recorded history. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon, to the Sistine Chapel, architecture lovers will have their fill in this lovely city for the ages.


As far as architecture goes, Chicago is the city most revered by architects. The skyline of the Windy City alone is enough to leave even the most critical of guests breathless. Many of the pioneering techniques in modern architecture can be seen in Chicago, which is mind-boggling really if one considers how many other cities in the U.S. have great architecture.

San Francisco

Speaking of great architectural cities in the U.S., in the West Coast, there is one that stands above all as an architect’s favorite from which to draw ideas – San Francisco. In San Francisco, several different areas feature several different architectural styles. And the structures range from classic buildings to churches, to homes.


If one wants to have their mind blown through architecture, they should head on over to the United Arab Emirates, more specifically, Dubai. While there are a number of structures there to gawk and marvel at, Mark Prioleau notes that one building quite literally stands above everything else – the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest man-made structure on Earth. No other building shows just how far mankind has come in terms of architecture, engineering, and construction.

Mack Prioleau is currently finishing his major in Economics and minors in Corporate Strategy and Financial Economics at the Vanderbilt University. He is also an avid traveler. More on Mack and his interests here.

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