The many benefits of experiencing the great outdoors

There’s a plethora of benefits to going out and immersing oneself in nature. Studies have shown, for example, that hiking in the woods or going up mountain trails significantly boosts one’s mental health and improves blood pressure. Experiencing the great outdoors likewise reduces stress and takes away our worries, says outdoors enthusiast Mack Prioleau.

Instead of just leading sedentary lives in front of your TV sets and computers, you should take the time to do outdoor activities from jogging and hiking to snorkeling and surfing. Both scientists and psychologists are one in saying that doing so is essential to human health.

Time spent outside aids in eliminating fatigue. If you want to feel more restored, you could venture into the great outdoors and truly refocus your mental energies, something that won’t happen if you just look at photos of scenic landscapes. Research also shows that communing with nature reduces inflammation and helps fight off autoimmune disorders.

Going out is also a great way to boost our short-term memory. According to recent studies, walks in nature is more beneficial to your memory than ones done in urban environs and cityscapes.

Finally, experiencing the outdoors aids immensely in the battle against anxiety and depression. Venturing on hiking trips to the woods or the forest are associated with improved moods and greatly decreased levels of anxiety. Many doctors today even prescribe outdoor walks and activities to complement or supplement existing clinical treatments, especially for major depressive disorders, explains Mack Prioleau.

Mack Prioleau hails from Fort Worth, Texas and enjoys spending his time outdoors and appreciating what the world has to offer. His favorite outdoor hobbies are fishing and hunting. For more on Mack’s writings on the great outdoors, go to thispage.

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