The Snow Storm Is Over, But The Travel Problems Continue

The east coast got hit with one of the biggest snowstorms on record this past weekend. The blizzard resulted in flight cancellations all up and down the cost, and the travel delays are still lingering on.

Over 3,900 flights were canceled and 4,100 flight delays on Sunday, according to FlightAware. Another 900 flights have already been canceled today. The airports that were hit the hardest with snow and delays were Geagan National and Dulles in Washington D.C.. The three airports in New York City are not fairing much better: Newark, Laguardia, and JFK had over 950 outbound and 900 inbound flights canceled on Sunday.

So what airlines were most affected by the storm? American Airlines had the most cancellations on Sunday, after shutting down all flights to Baltimore and New York-area airports. They plan to resume flights to these cities, as well as Washington D.C.-area airports on Monday.

Travelers located in areas unaffected by the storm are feeling the effects of the blizzard as well. There have been extensive travel delays and cancellations across the country, as the limited service has made it difficult for airlines to remain on schedule.

While these cancellations and delays have made it a nightmare for travelers this weekend, thankfully for them, the major airlines have waived fees for itinerary changes for those affected by the storm. American, JetBlue and United and Delta have listed on their websites the destinations for which they will waive fees for changes and cancellations.

Air travel was not the only mode of transportation affected by the storm. Amtrak was forced to stop service this Sunday between Washington, D.C., and Virginia destinations and between Washington, D.C., and stations in the Southeast. Acela Express and Northeast Regional service between Boston and Washington D.C. is operating today but on a modified schedule.