The University Of Cape Town

UCT: Mack Prioleau

The University of Cape Town is an amazing place to study, with such a vibrant culture and community. The university is located at the foot of Table Mountain’s Devil’s peak, providing an incredible backdrop to the beautiful campus. The staff and students come from all over the world to UTC, representing over 100 countries. With a population of over 20,000 students, around 4,000 of them are international. This provides an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from both local students and others from equally diverse countries.

UCT was founded back in 1829, as the South African College, which was actually a high school for boys. The school expanded between 1880 to 1900, through increased funding, leading to the development of science laboratories and departments of mineralogy and geology. These departments were developed to meet the demands of of the growing diamond and gold-mining industries. The school also expanded to include the admission of women, beginning first on a trial basis and then permanently in 1887.

The school expanded significantly between 1902 and 1918 as well, with the formation of the Medical School, the introduction of engineering courses and a Department of Education. 1918, the University of Cape Town was formally established as a university. UCT is South Africa’s oldest university and is now one of the leading teaching and research institutions in Africa.

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    Campus: Mack Prioleau
    UCT: Mack Prioleau