Top places for surfing in Southeast Asia

Every surfer wants no less than breathtaking scenery to complement incredible surf, and few places can provide both luxuries outside the surfing waters of Southeast Asia. In this blog, surfer and travel enthusiast Mack Prioleau lists some of the finest places for beginning and expert surfing in this part of the world.

Cloud 9, Siargao Island, The Philippines

Though Siargao is already one of the best places in the region for great waves, Cloud 9 is special for its global renown and, well, really intense surf. This is the venue for the annual Siargao Cup for both local and international surfers. The waters are surely not for beginners, but if you want a challenging experience over a formidable reef break, this is the place to be. For beginners, we recommend visiting Guyam Island instead.

Lombok Islands, Indonesia

This is a great surfing respite if you want smoother surf and fewer crowds (it’s certainly harder to access than sites in Bali). This is a particularly challenging surf point here, though: the infamous Bangko-Bangko site that’s for highly experienced surfers as rocky reefs abound underneath. Nonetheless, it’s a truly thrilling surfing area which boasts of rides that can be sustained for a far as 300 meters.

Bai Dai Beach, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is renowned globally for its blend of vibrant nightlife, an urban, cosmopolitan feel, and pristine white sandy beaches. Bai Dai Beach is the surfer’s go-to place here, a veritable beginning-surfer paradise located just 20 kilometers from the city. Because this beach is yet to be fully developed, there are a variety of secluded spots here for a more challenging surf experience, adds Mack Prioleau.

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