Valuable advice that could save travelers hundreds of dollars on a trip

It’s unfortunate how so many people miss out on traveling merely because they think it’s too expensive. However, Mack Prioleau knows from his many experiences that traveling need not break the bank. In fact, there are many ways for people to save up to hundreds of dollars on a trip. Mack Prioleau shares his best advice.

Travel light.

Traveling light is a skill people learn as they go on more trips. Doing so not only lessens the hassle of carrying heavy luggage, but it also affords travelers a lot more room for souvenirs later on, and more importantly, and lowers the chances of being charged for excess weight.

Choose accommodations wisely.

Mack Prioleau explains that if the goal of a person isn’t to experience a specific hotel or resort, then they shouldn’t bother booking a room in it. There are countless hospitality establishments way more affordable than hotels. Hostels, apartment, and currently Airbnb, exist to make travel cheaper.

Don’t buy food near tourist spots.

Most, if not all, food establishments near monuments, parks, and other tourist locations are notorious for having jacked-up prices. Mack Prioleau suggests that visitors either prepare and bring their own food (if it’s allowed), look elsewhere for good local cuisine, or better yet, ask locals where the best, most affordable restaurants can be found.

Take the trains and buses.

Trains and buses are always cheaper than riding taxis. Mack Prioleau suggests that travelers first learn about the public transportation system of a country to avoid paying exorbitant amounts of cash for a single cab ride.

Avoid airport money changers.

Airport money changers have the worst rates for tourists. Travelers should change money at their local bank before leaving for their trip. This is an important reminder since it can set tourists back hundreds if they convert large amounts.

Mack Prioleau is passionate about traveling and seeing the world. For more information about Mack, visit this page.

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