Where to Experience the Wilderness in the U.S.

In the United States, there are nearly 800 designated wilderness areas. Wilderness habitats in the United States protect a variety of environments, including marshes, canyons, and desert lands. For visitors who want to have a wilderness experience, the following are places they can visit right here in the United States.

Joshua Tree Wilderness


The Colorado and Mojave Deserts converge at Joshua Tree in California. This wilderness attracts visitors from all over the world. It has interesting rocks as well as brightly colored monoliths. At Joshua Tree Wilderness, tourists will find oases that are home to rattlesnakes, coyotes, burrowing owls, and much other wildlife. Joshua Tree also makes an excellent location for stargazing at night.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness


In 2009, the Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness was established in Colorado. It has over 400 miles of walking trails that are perfect for horseback riders, hikers, and backpackers to enjoy year-round. In the winter, skiers can enjoy peaceful meadows as well as grasslands. The arrival of bird species and wildflowers heralds the arrival of spring, which excites photojournalists from all over the world. Visitors will also see jaw-dropping aspens of Fall that are supported by elks.

Death Valley Wilderness


Death Valley, despite being one of the country’s warmest locations, is a Global Biosphere Reservoir located in California. Beautiful landscapes are created by vast fields of desert dunes and distinctive rock formations. In the spring, these areas are strewn with vibrant wildflowers. At night, Death Valley is ideal for visitors who enjoy staring at distant galaxies.

Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness


This unique landscape in Arizona is regarded among the best canyon hiking spots in the world. Because of its narrow, jagged canyons, its cliffs make for an exceptionally photogenic landscape. Its stunning contoured walls are flecked with desert color combinations. Tourists will also notice hanging orchids, amphitheaters made of red rock, and sandstone arches.

Zion Wilderness


It is a geophysical wonder, with towering peaks, high landscapes, and a maze of natural stone canyons. The Virgin River’s unique desert waters created massive rocks found throughout Zion Wilderness. Through the oasis of its canyon, its water has also designed a swirly green pattern of diverse animals and plants.

Zion National Park is ideal for hikers, bikers, and other adventure-lovers. However, due to its extreme heat during the summer, tourists may want to consider visiting in the fall.