Why Mack Prioleau Wants to go to Portugal


If you’re still planning to travel this year and you’re looking for a destination that’s not on everyone else’s lists, choose Portugal. Travel guru Mack Prioleau enjoys the fact that this country stretches for nearly 500 miles along the Atlantic Ocean coast and offers beautiful views of the magnificent River Tagus. Here are a few fun things to do in Portugal this summer or fall.


Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is known for its vibrant cultural scene. But there’s much, much more to Lisbon. Take, for instance, the oceanarium — a must-see aquarium in Lisbon if you are traveling with children. The oceanarium is committed to providing the public with education regarding marine conservation and is filled with various creatures. In fact, you’ll find ecosystems representing the Indian, Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctic oceans separately. Be prepared to be entertained by penguins, sea otters, rays, and sharks.

Matosinhos Beach

If no vacation is complete without a beach for you, then you can’t visit Portugal without visiting Matosinhos Beach. This beach located above Porto on a map is an extensive strip of gold-colored sand surrounded by a promenade. Sounds romantic, right? But it’s great for more than just couples. Lifeuards are stationed here, making it the perfect place to go for families who have young children. And if you enjoy participating in beach activities, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to play volleyball and soccer or do water sports. You could even hit the waves if the ocean has a good swell when you visit.

Bom Jesus Do Monte

If you’re a history buff, Portugal has a lot to offer, but you especially need to make time to see this building. It’s regarded as the most grandiose of all of the country’s religious buildings. And the fact that it rests along a slope amid lush woodlands only adds to its charm. Without a doubt, Portugal is among the world’s most fascinating hidden gems — one that will leave you with many memories for years to come.