How to Plan an Enjoyable Staycation

In the middle of a pandemic, traveling far away to go on vacation simply isn’t possible, leading to many people feeling stressed out from ongoing work. However, an alternative to traditional holidays has been found by many, called staycations. Staycations allow people to take time off work and school to enjoy themselves even when they are at home. Consider these actions you can take to make sure that you have a great staycation.




Going on vacation usually entails purchasing food prepared by others. To not worry about having to cook during your staycation, look into what local food places around you offer delivery so that you can get the food that you want without having to lift a finger. Also, consider going to the grocery store and finding already prepared snacks so that you have food even when restaurants are closed.




Technological advances have made it easier than ever for everyone to be able to enjoy all types of entertainment from the comfort of their own home. However, some of that entertainment can seem kind of stale if you are playing older videogames or simply browsing the streaming service you’ve used for years. Switching up your entertainment through purchasing a new videogame or buying a movie that just came out can make it so that you are intrigued and feel like you’re trying out new activities in a way that you would do so on a traditional vacation. Other entertainment methods, if you are willing to drive a little bit, include going to a drive-in theater or concert.




More often than not, managers will contact employees when they are on vacation and see if they could have work done remotely. Dealing with communication issues like this during a staycation is essential in making sure that you end up stress-free. To do this, make it clear with your manager that all of your work communication devices will be offline during your time off so that you aren’t getting blasted with messages. Additionally, consider putting your work devices somewhere hard to find during your staycation so that you aren’t tempted to check them. Setting communication limits will always be important in making your staycation the best it can be.