Mack Prioleau: Rediscover The Waves With Body Surfing

Mack Prioleau: Why You Should Try Body Surfing

This is Mack Prioleau and I’m an avid surfer. In my previous posts, I touched on the best surfing spots in Cape Town, South Africa and what beginners can do to prepare themselves for surfing. Today, I want to introduce surfing’s little brother, which may appeal to those who can’t seem to get the hang of standing up on a board—body surfing.

Body surfing may sound more challenging, or dangerous even, compared to regular surfing but this extreme sport isn’t actually as extreme as it appears. Not to be confused with hand boarding which is equally fun and exciting in its own right; body surfing only requires a set of fins and your technique and understanding of the water to catch a wave and ultimately have a good time.

There are several notable beaches in the country you can visit to give body surfing a try, such as those in California and Hawaii. This is important, as not all waves are made for body surfing. If it’s your first time, it’s recommended to try surfing waves that are only about a meter tall. This rule applies to those who are comfortable in the water as well. Why? Simply because body surfing is a whole new ball game.

Practicing on smaller waves may not be your idea of getting a rush and a pump of adrenaline, but body surfing will demand every bit of your discipline and patience to get the hang of things. Once you’ve caught a few waves, you’ll want to experiment and get creative with your body such as tightening the muscles in your legs to be propelled faster and farther by the water.

All in all, body surfing is a new way to experience and enjoy the water.

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