Mack Prioleau: Why Visit Costa Rica

You can visit Costa Rica one time and only touch the tip of the iceberg of all there is to see in this natural paradise. The country has endless attractions and destinations to see, so knowing exactly what it has to offer is paramount for planning your perfect vacation. Costa Rica can be enjoyed with a significant other or with a large family; the choice is yours. You can even choose to visit the country solo and experience the trip of a lifetime, according to Mack Prioleau, who is passionate about world travel. Here are some of the most alluring places to visit in >Costa Rica depending on your particular interests.


If seeing a volcano is your idea of fun, then Costa Rica is sure not to disappoint. At the Poás Volcano National Park, you can see one of the biggest craters in the world. You can go on an expedition to this crater, which basically involves hiking. You can see this active volcano as a full-day tour or on your way to another destination, such as La Paz Waterfall or another volcano, the Arenal Volcano. This volcano is located at the Arenal Volcano National Park, where the surroundings are perfect no matter what you are looking for, whether an encounter with nature or simply some relaxation. The Arenal Volcano is currently dormant but features wondrous hot springs along with many other exciting attractions and activities, including zip line tours, whitewater rafting tours and hanging bridges.


The Celeste River is one of Costa Rica’s natural wonders and thus one of the country’s most popular sights to see. The river is so attractive because of its light-blue water, which seems so perfectly blue that you will probably think it has been colored artificially. Be sure that you are in good physical condition before trying to see the river; the hike lasts about three hours through a rain forest. You cannot swim in this river, but seeing this incomparable natural phenomenon is reason enough to hike there.


What’s a vacation without some time at the beach? Costa Rica is not short on beaches, starting with the Guanacaste Beaches. These beaches are world renowned; in fact, many famous individuals have visited these beaches on vacation or have chosen them as the sites for their own homes. The Pacific coast of the country, which spans 200 kilometers, features stellar weather along with clear waters — perfect for taking a sunbath, swimming, fishing, diving, and surfing.

If you want a Costa Rican beach with a Caribbean feel, then Puerto Viejo Beach is for you. This area of the region has the greatest Afro-Caribbean influence compared with other parts of Costa Rica, which means that its lifestyle, culture, and cuisine are very different from that of the remainder of the nation. Puerto Viejo Beach is particularly popular for surfing, featuring the country’s best swell. No matter where you go in Costa Rica, you can find a favorite getaway spot that will generate memories to last a lifetime.