Rocking The Daisies: The Eco-Friendly Music Festival

I recently attended Rocking the Daisies, a four-day music festival in Cape Town, South Africa. The event took place October 1st through the 4th. This year was the festival’s 10th birthday and the really went all out for the occasion. With 9 stages and over 22,000 people in attendance, the festival was an amazing scene to behold. There was a wide range of music styles from jazz to reggae to Cuban to funk.

Some of the larger names to headline the event include: The Kooks, Milky Chance, The Cat Empire, Crookers, Scuba, Thomas Jack and Betoko. The festival featured over 180 acts, including both local performers and larger, internationally recognized groups.

Furthermore, the Daisies coincided with the Rugby World Cup this year. In the Rubgy World Cup Village, attendees could go watch South Africa or other participants play their matches, witch provided a very electric atmosphere to watch the games.

What makes Rocking the Daisies particular unique, is the message of greening and being socially and environmentally conscious. SA’s Premier Music & Lifestyle Eco Festival is committed to limiting its impact on the environment through the reduction in trash and litter. Festival attendees can regularly be found assisting the festival crews in keeping the area clean throughout the weekend.

As South Africa’s premier eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival, Rocking the Daisies has continued to raise the bar, incorporating innovative environmentally conscious products into the festival and spreading the message of ‘play hard, tread lightly.’ The festival utilizes solar and wind powered electricity, biodiesel generators, LED lighting, biodegradable soaps, recycling and tree planting initiatives to name a few. Rocking the Daisies is committed to becoming the most carbon neutral green event possible.

In the Green Village, you could tap into “your inner Eco-Warrior” with the solar-powered Hemp Stage lineup, environmentally-conscious vendors and much more earth-friendly activities.

Rocking the Daisies was an amazing opportunity to enjoy amazing musical acts, both local and international, while taking part in a festival that is committed to improving the environment at the same time.