Best Places to Backpack Through



Porto to Algarve, Portugal 

This has been called an absolute sunny paradise for backpackers all across the world. The norm is to fly down and start your adventure at Porto before making your way down to the Algarve which is the southern most tip of Portugal and is right on the boarder of Spain. Because of the amazing public transport system and the many things to do on the coast like the amazing scenery, spectacular wine tours and festivals with delicious food and friendly locals, this is a must see for backpackers alike.




Bali, Indonesia

If soaking your self in beautiful sunshine, dining and drinking at amazing restaurants and exploring like royalty are on your check list then Bali, Indonesia has to be on your list of possible destinations. This is a great place because everything is affordable and the gorgeous beaches are filled with other backpackers like your self making this a great spot for solo adventurers. Let’s not forget the jubilant monkeys who will accompany you on this adventure!




Cappadocia, Turkey 

If experiencing not just beautiful landscapes but original ones as well that you will not see any where else. Then Cappadocia, Turkey has to be on you radar. This is also a place where you can take in a different culture that has so much to offer. The locals have their homes carved out on the side of boulders that are gutted and cliffs. The churches are absolutely amazing and a must see if this ends up becoming your destination.






Inca Trail, Peru

This location is definitely more for the adventurous type as this has been a must see location for adrenaline junkies and anyone who is interested in discovering all the mysteries of Machu Picchu. Besides mystery and intrigue this location has a lot to offer. From secluded beaches to festivals with spicy food that will take your taste buds to the limit