Mack Prioleau’s Best Ways to Save on Holiday Accommodations

Mack Prioleau’s Recommendations for Affordable Holiday Accommodations

When budgeting for a vacation abroad, there are two major expenses that you immediately need to allocate money for: air fare and accommodations. These two will take up most of your budget so careful planning is essential. I’m Mack Prioleau and I want to once again share a few traveling tips for you to help you save money while on vacation. For this post, let’s focus on accommodations.

Hotels are by far the most expensive choice for board and lodging, and if you’re going to be spending a week or two at your holiday destination, a hotel might not be the most ideal choice—unless you’ve got money to burn. Below are alternatives that I would recommend for the budget-conscious traveler.

1. Vacation rentals. These are properties that owners put up for rent or lease for vacationers looking for a better deal. Vacation rentals are houses that come complete with amenities that will make your stay comfortable. A full, working kitchen, toilet and bath (usually two or three depending on the size and type of house), living room with entertainment appliances (TV, DVD player, stereo or music player, and such), and comfortable bedrooms are the usual amenities. In other words, you get your own house while on vacation; and believe it or not, these are actually cheaper than checking into a hotel.

2. Farmstays. Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe have embraced the idea of farmstays. Basically, you book a room or lodging at a farm. The room and accommodations inclusions depend on the farm owners. What better way to truly have a relaxing vacation than to wake up every morning to fresh country air? You also get to help out at the farm if you want. In general, you get to experience life on a farm. Of course, you are free to go out and explore the sights and attractions of the city or town that you are visiting.

3. BnBs or inns. These usually have smaller rooms, and you may have to share a bathroom with the other guests. But that’s about the only downside that I can think of. If you enjoy socializing and you’d like to have a more intimate set-up, then staying at a BnB or inn is a good option for you.

4. Camping. You don’t have to stay at a camping ground for the entire duration of your vacation but grabbing the opportunity to camp out under the stars for one to two days isn’t a bad idea. It’s actually good to be out in nature. And roughing it for one to two days to sleep under the stars will definitely make for a good vacation experience.

5. Homestays. This is pretty much like a farmstay except you won’t actually be at a farm. Some households open their doors for vacationers especially during the peak season to make a few extra bucks. You can rent a room and stay with the family during your vacation.

Have you experienced staying at any one of these accommodations? Please let us know. We’d love to hear about your experience! You may reach me, Mack Prioleau, through this site.