Affordable Destinations in Central/South America

Cusco, Peru 


This is a great place for any traveler looking who is really interested in the early 1500’s specifically the Spanish conquistadors. You will be able to look at century old baroque cathedrals and all the way to the exquisite stone masonry. What makes Cusco like no other destination on earth is the combination of Andean and Spanish styles that really make it a spectacular sight. There is a reason people have labeled Cusco the archaeological Capital of the Americas. People can delve into the history of how the Inca Empire rose then fell because of the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. There are many ways to save on your vacation here and the following website will provide you with plenty of information on how to do that

Galapagos Islands 


This is a great area for explorers with a budget who are looking to see terrain that is untamed and is known for having fearless creatures ranging from sea lions to seagoing lizards. There is a reason that the Galapagos Islands lures people looking for exciting encounters that you really cannot get any where else in the world. Where else in the world can you see giant tortoises and short-feathered penguins in the same vicinity? For the history buffs let’s not forget that Charles Darwin visited this area during his now famous trip aboard the Beagle. All this can be viewed on a budget as well and the following website will provide tips on how to do that

Argentine Pantagonia 



People looking for one of those most enchanted areas in the world have to look no further then the Andes Mountains. With its combination of emerald trees, azure tainted glaciers and cobalt likes that reach out further then the eye can see it is truly an amazing location. The second reference to Charles Darwin (no coincidence) he once said that this area of land was boundless and we agree! For those looking on some tips on how to save money check out the following website