Travel News 1/19

Travel Cheap and Receive Gift Cards – Click Here

Usually I always take websites like this with a grain of salt. But this article happened to be on Yahoo finance which is what caught my eye. The gift cards can be anywhere from Amazon to Nike. These deals are tailored for people who travel a lot for business. As with anything do some more research before you sign up, but from our initial look through it seems legitimate.


Big Push for Cheap Seats – Click Here

The big three airlines are having to play catch up with a lot of the affordable new airlines targeting the demographic looking for cheap airline seats. American’s new no frills tickets require you to not be allowed to use the overhead bins, your carry on must fit under your seat and you will be the last to board. Depending on what your value proposition is, this may be worth it or for other people the extra money may be worth it just for convenience sake.


Travel Like a Rockstar – Click Here

Not sure how many people will want to do this but it seemed like a cool little wrinkle when deciding on where to stay when you vacation. I will let the article explain their pitch but if you are planning on taking a vacation soon and want to try something different this may be a option for you if you have the budget.