Traveling 101: Important reminders for families about to go on an adventure

While Mack Prioleau recommends traveling to strange and exotic lands to everyone, he also advises people to be prepared before the trip. Going on an adventure may be great, and all but diving into it unprepared may have regrettable consequences.

Mack Prioleau notes that this goes double for parents who are bringing along their kids on a trip. As such, he shares here a few important reminders for families about to go on an adventure.

Do research on the destination.

Probably the most basic step in preparing for a trip is to first learn about the place one will be visiting. A few clicks, swipes, and taps can show parents all they need to know about a city and the many areas in it meant to be visited by tourists. Parents should learn about places that are and aren’t for children for starters, and important establishments such as police stations and hospitals. Knowing the weather helps as well.

Set up protocols.

Depending on the ages of the children in the family, parents should be able to set up important protocols in case they get separatedd. Mack Prioleau notes toddlers should never leave their parent’s side. Children who can express themselves should be instructed by their parents in advance to look for the nearest authority figure (police, security, or park employee) in case they are separated from the rest of the family.

Take advantage of technology.

Parents should lend a mobile phone to children who are old enough and responsible enough to use it. Mack Prioleau also recommends setting up tracking apps that have GPS capability on their electronic gadgets. There are also a number of electronic devices available in stores that can be attached to kids that would make them easier to find in case they are separated during the trip.

Mack Prioleau is an Economics major from Vanderbilt University who is passionate about outdoor activities and traveling. He has also developed appreciation for different cultures, terrains, and climates. Visit this page for more on Mack’s interests and passions.

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