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Colors of the World: Festivals

Mack Prioleau on the Colors of His Travels It’s a well-known fact that colors have a specific effect on your mood and emotions. Psychology reveals that the more you look at a specific color, the more it can alter your mood and mental state. Hi, everyone! My name is Mack Prioleau, and I’d like to share with you some of… Read more →

Hawaii Destinations

Mack Prioleau: Top Places to go to in Hawaii Hawaii is a dream vacation spot for many travelers, but this state is so diverse that it takes a little effort to ultimately find your “dream within a dream.” Selecting the best island for you and your significant other or family is a huge decision. You will find that no two… Read more →

Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Lake Myvatn Geo-Thermal Area      I was actually thinking about not even writing a description for this as the photo really says all you need to know. This looks like something Ridley Scott would use as a location for one of his Sci-Fi movies. The backstory would would definitely fit one of his stories as it was caused roughly… Read more →